"Stanze al Genio"

The Museum of Majoliche “Stanze al Genio” is situated in the same building as the B&B (1st floor) and it can be visited all year round by booking an appointment. An ideal place for you to stay in a typical Sicilian house and in the Kalsa, one of the best preserved districts in the historic centre of Palermo with many attractions all within walking distance.

Where we are

The house-museum is located in the main floor of an old historical building, Torre-Pirajno Palace. This building originally belonged to the Fernandez family from Valdes, then during the eighteenth century to the Torre-Benso, Princes della Torre, and later to the Pirajnos. In the early twentieth century it was divided into several private apartments.

Who we are

The House-Museum is run by the Cultural Association Stanze al Genio, founded in March 2008 in Palermo in order to realise a cultural project aiming to raise awareness, protect and make cultural heritage accessible to the public consisting mainly of ancient pottery and various objects. Amateurs and experts have collected such objects over the years and only in recent times their value has been rediscovered.

The cultural association was founded by Pius Mellina, Antonio Perna and David Samson. Mellina was a collector and civil servant of the University of Palermo; Perna was the owner and expert of the vintage stationery objects; and Samson was a professional restorer and responsible for the restoration of places and design objects on display. In subsequent years, Claudio Iannelli, who manages the guided tours in English, joined the Association. The fountain of Palermo’s genius, located in Piazza Rivoluzione, inspired the name of the Cultural Association whose head offices are based in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi at number 11.

How we support Stanze al Genio

This project has been entirely funded by the members of the association and it has never received any government or other public financial funding. The Association is only supported by members and donations.